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In case of an emergency – We are here for you !

We Have Power – We Have Lights – We Have Air Conditioning – We Have 3 Beds Available

Fortunately Big Heart group home in Tampa did not have any damage or power outages, but we were well prepared for the storm and ready to assist other providers in any way possible.
Big Heart Group Home in Tampa Fl also known as Big Heart Home Care opens its doors to assist providers and consumers with special needs in search of safe shelter . A local Group Home in Tampa Fl has announced that they are prepared to accommodate any providers and consumers with special needs who may need to evacuate due to Hurricane Irma. The facility is fully stocked with approximately 100 Gallons of drinking water and approximately a 100, 000 calorie, three-day supply of non-perishable food that will sustain up to 20 people for a period of three days. Additionally in the event of a power outage the group home has at their disposal a 4,500 Watt Portable Gasoline Generator and 25 gallons of fuel in stock for life sustaining necessities. To continue reading please visit our Group Home Page.

Welcome to Big Heart’s Group Home in Tampa Florida. Where you will experience the magic of a true family oriented environment. A place that you can call home and be 100% sure that you or your loved one’s health, safety and happiness is everyone’s priority. At big heart home care we will do everything in our power to provide you or your loved one with the resources and support that you need to reach and possibly exceed your personal goals in life.

Group Home in Tampa

Elena Soto Certified Medical Assistant at Big Heart Home Care in Tampa Florida 33615
Elena Soto Certified Medical Assistant at Big Heart Home Care in Tampa Florida 33615

At Big Heart’s Group Home  we understand that everyone’s situation is unique and that is why our home care services are custom tailored to fit you or your loved one’s needs wants and goals. No matter what your goal is, whether you want to be lawyer a doctor a model or a professional wrestler we will support you as best as we can and assist you to locate what ever resources are available to help you reach your chosen goals.

At Big heart home care we have a very diverse staff with many talents and qualities. Aside from being professionally trained caretakers we also enjoy music, dancing, writing, video games, cooking, arts and crafts and many more fun activities. In all honesty its never a boring day at Big Heart Home Care.

The Group Home at Big Heart Home Care is located at 6001 Eldorado Dr. in Tampa Florida 33615  The house is a three bedroom two bathroom house with plenty of space inside and out to accommodate up to three individuals. We have 3 beautifully furnished private and semi-private rooms for the comfort and privacy of our consumers. Some of the amenities that we include are:

  • Video Games  (Playstation) (living room)
  • Laundry room (Full-Size Washer & Dryer)
  • Large furnished yard
  • Internet access (public Areas)
  • Meal prep  (3 meals a day)  The food is amazing!
  • Sixty-inch color HD TV   (living room)
  • Netflix (living room)
  • Hulu (living room)
  • Pandora (living room)
  • Youtube (living room)
  • Soundcloud (living room)
  • Spectrum Cable TV (living room)
  • Board Games
  • Transportation (optional)
  • Music  (living room)